I’ve seen quite a number of warnings out there about mercury retrograde and the impending doom that will ensue.

Computers will crash.

Contracts signed will be reneged on.

Travel plans will be disrupted.

And if we’re not careful, the sky may just fall down on us.

Mercury moves into retrograde about 3 times a year. Now is one of those times.

Some people have genuinely had experiences in the past that make them weary of this time. While others blindly follow suit reinforcing such caution.

There seems to exist a collective agreement that Mercury retrogrades are to be feared. And it is simply safer to heed warning than to ignore it.

And yet, ignore I have.┬áThe sky hasn’t fallen on me yet.

I have chosen to stand back from this belief.

From the beginning, it didn’t sit right with me.

I didn’t know what it was all about initially.

I’m not an astrologer. I am informed by tuning into universal energy for guidance.

What I now know about this phase of the Mercury cycle is that it is a chance for us to take pause.

I call them life’s intermissions.

A brief moment in our journey to catch our breath, to reset if needed.

How bad can that be?

In my early years as a practitioner, I noticed that it’s usually quieter in the clinic during Mercury retrograde. The conventional approach would have me increasing my marketing efforts.

But then I realised, this lull was a gift. Those times were important for me to be quieter, to allow me the space go within.

I learned to embrace the slower pace Mercury retrograde often brings.

And through this process, my online healing program was birthed, allowing me to provide remote energetic support to those who need it during the retrogrades.

I may very well have missed this cue if I had been forcing myself to keep busy with consultations.

When we embrace the pace of nature, we undoubtedly find ourselves moving withthe currents of life, rather than fighting against it.

For it is when we don’t slow down, that we may encounter those disruptions that are precisely placed in our lives to help us to slow down.

How you relate to Mercury retrograde is entirely up to you.

No one way is more right than another.

Take what feels right for you.

Remembering that you have a choice.

You always have a choice in how you live your life. And in the experiences you create.

Life’s circumstances aren’t bestowed upon you for you to endure.

Everything happensforyou.

On the day Mercury stationed retrograde, I pulled the hermit card. This major arcana card tells of our soul’s journey and the need for us at this time to withdraw from external distractions and voices, so we can better connect with universal wisdom.

So you see, it doesn’t matter much about your computer, or the contracts you have to sign.

Those are merely distractions.

Go deeper within.

Press pause on the busyness of life, and allow new awareness and perspectives to emerge.

Go slow and enjoy this period if you will.