group remote energy healing with Katie Wong

rest your heart and soul
in this sacred space

walk lighter on your path as you lean into the spirit of community

During uncertain and challenging times, it is natural to search for answers. First, you look outside of yourself, attempting to make sense of it all. The seemingly random strings of events and circumstances somehow lead you ask even more questions.

Some of these offer you a glimpse behind the veil. And you are guided to turn inward. To explore these secret chambers in the hidden recesses of your internal makeup. You venture deeper and deeper into these inner caverns.

As you do, you leave behind what’s not working in the paradigm you know well,

and finding the courage to embrace something different. To bring forth something new.

Through twists and turns, you are invited to co-create the greatest adventure of your life.

This path of self discovery, being a solo journey, can at times feel like a lonely one.

And the process can often bring you more questions than answers.

The temple of light offers you and those on this path a space where you feel held, seen and understood. This is where you can ponder those questions. And feel more connected.

Through nurturing your relationship with yourself, you gain access to your innate source of wisdom. You are supported and guided to explore and to awaken dormant parts of yourself. May your time in the temple spark a recognition of your Soul Self and lead you further on your path.

Not dissimilar to a church, but without the religion and rules!

The temple is a sacred space.

One that is entered through the purity of our hearts. There is no judgement and there are no expectations.

You are invited to come as you are, wherever you are at on your journey.

It is my deepest wish that the temple offers you a place to rest your heart and soul, where your faith is nourished and you feel inspired and expanded.

Temple gatherings

I currently host virtual weekly sacred circles to help you stay connected, and to receive the healing, support and guidance as you need it. They offer a respite from the busy-ness and stresses of your everyday.

The circles are small and intimate, and each session will be different depending on the needs of each person individually and the collective group.

The sessions are filled with heartful conversations, soulful reflections, guided meditation, and transmission of healing energy to support you in regaining balance and harmony.

I also consult oracle cards and tarot and tune into universal source energy to provide further guidance and support.

Energy transcends time and space and it is in this way I am able to connect with the group energy field during these virtual gatherings, to assess your current needs and to transmit healing and guidance that is tailored to support you. Read more about remote healing >

In-person gatherings will resume later in the year.

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“Katie’s Healing Temple gatherings are very precious. These safe containers are perfect for me to release and activate what needs to be worked on at the time. I gain so many insights and everything happens with so much ease and grace. Katie is an extraordinary guide and enlightens us with her energy and knowledge. Her guided healing meditations are also really deep and powerful. I am truly grateful for Katie’s wisdom, presence and energy. She is both gentle and strong and holds the space in such a caring way that every time I leave feeling truly seen and supported on my journey. Thank you so much Katie” Caroline

Our virtual circles are held on the
first 4 Tuesdays of each month
7:30-9:00 pm AEST

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