We’re living in a world that is moving at a super fast pace. How many of you have thought, or heard someone else utter their surprise, that it’s almost September.

Almost three-quarters of the year have passed. Where did it go?

Some say that the Universe is speeding up. And everything is indeed happening faster than ever before.

Yet I can’t help but feel this is a matter of perception.

After all, time is an illusion.

And it can get stretchy. It expands and contracts according to how we interact with it.

About five years ago, I realised I was playing along with this collective belief that we have no control over time. This was neither productive nor uplifting.

There is a certain resignation that this is just the way things are.

Knowing that this isn’t true, I decided to unhook myself from this line of thinking. I consciously set the intention to simply release this.

And since then, I no longer feel that time escapes me. I don’t feel the necessity to participate in the dialogue around “time flying by”.

Instead, I have become more present and aware in any given moment. I am able to stay empowered in creating all my days.

In essence, I have learnt to engage with life more deeply.

In an age where people scroll faster than they walk. With the flick of a finger, we catch up on the going on’s of friends and strangers through curated moments flashing from our tiny screen.

We may stop momentarily, but rarely, do we take the time to engage deeply with each moment.

Thinking we are time poor, we choose quantity over quality. In an effort to get through more, we sacrifice depth.

One thing we can do is to choose to dive more deeply into our experiences.

Delight in the getting to know something or someone more fully.

When was the last time you stopped to truly appreciate the fullness of a moment before moving on to the next?

When you switch your attention to this, you’ll notice the richness of your days instead of lamenting of how quickly they are seemingly passing by, merely because you weren’t paying attention to them.

Soak in the magic.

Embody and breathe it all in.

Whatever it is: a conversation, listening to a song, work, a cup of coffee, your kids fighting, making love, rising emotions, good and bad, taking out the rubbish.

Savour what is before you. All of it.

In Ariana Huffington’s book Thrive, she talked about one of her daughter’s college assignments, for which she had to head to the museum and spend 2 hours in front of a painting.

One painting.

Two hours.

When you give your full attention to something, anything, it leads you through a secret doorway to another dimension.

The deeper beyond the surface you venture, the more magic is revealed. And the closer to the truth you may reach.

… every encounter with an object, however ordinary, can be an opportunity for transcendence. Ariana Huffington

Let each ordinary moment open up to its fullness.

Choose quality, over quantity.

When you truly connect, time slows down.

How can you engage more fully with all your days?