kinesiology and reiki remote healing

Remote healing consultations

intuitive and energetic kinesiology and reiki from the comfort of your home

As you know, my work centres around the energetic realm. And I am able to connect with your energy field from anywhere, just as I do when I work with you in person.

Energy transcends time and space, which allows us to work together even when we’re not in the same room. Quantum physics provides the explanation for how this is possible. Yet for me, there is no better evidence than having observed the changes that have been made possible with the clients I have worked with remotely. Incidentally, this is also how I am able to transmit healing energy during my guided meditations in the temple of light.

To allow you to access healing more conveniently, I am offering private consultations via an online platform. You will receive the same benefits as if you were to come see me in the clinic. Healing energy is transmitted to you, just as we are able to have a conversation via the internet. If you require any further support in between sessions, I will make up a dose bottle for you and mail it to you as needed.

I am grateful to be able to continue to offer support during these changing times.

If you have any questions, please contact me directly, or use the link below to book a session.

kinesiology and reiki remote healing

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It works exactly the same as when you come in to see me in the clinic. Except instead of sitting across from one another, we will be looking at each other through our screens. I connect with your energy as we meet virtually at the scheduled time. I set up a healing field within which we work together, starting with an update as I begin to receive impressions of what needs attention.

In a kinesiology session I move to using other tools such as my reference charts, therapeutic and oracle cards and my intuitive guidance to help us reveal the full picture. This informs us of where the imbalances and blocks are and the healing that is needed.

While in clinic, I use muscle testing as a way to communicate with your body. Working virtually, I can use my own body as a surrogate to confirm my intuitive assessments. As such we will not be missing out on any vital information while working remotely.

During your session, you may be asked to activate certain energy points yourself. If other energetic adjustments are needed, again I can surrogate for you.

In a reiki session I will guide you into a meditation as I transmit healing energy remotely to your field.

If additional support is required after either session, I will direct you to where you can purchase the remedy, or send through information via electronic mail. I may also make up a tailored essence for you, and send it to you via the post if you live within Victoria (I am currently unable to post essences interstate or internationally).

I often work with essences in the clinic. Essences, being vibrational remedies, work on an energetic level and its frequency can be transmitted to your energy field remotely. In this way, you do not need to physically ingest the essence for it to affect change.

I will also set up a grid to hold the essence(s) in your field for a period of time after your session to support your integration process.

If additional support is needed, I can prepare a dose bottle of essence(s) and send it to you via the post if you live within Victoria (I am currently unable to post essences interstate or internationally).

You can view and book available sessions via my scheduling page.

Once you have scheduled an appointment, you will receive a confirmation email with your session link. This is the link you use to connect with me at your scheduled session. A reminder email will also be sent 48 hours prior to your session. At your scheduled appointment time, we will connect on Zoom via your personal link.

Payment can be made via direct debit or PayPal.

If you do not have the zoom application on your device, you can download it for free here. You will also require good internet connection and a quiet space for the session.

Payment can be made via direct debit or PayPal. Details will be sent to you when you confirm your appointment.

Ensure you have a good internet connection. You can join using any device that supports the use of zoom.

On confirmation of your appointment, and a few days prior to your session, you will receive an email with your private dial in link. At your scheduled appointment time, click the link in either of these emails to begin your session.

If we experience any technical difficulties, I will call you on the contact number in your client file. Please ensure this is correct and up to date.

Find a quiet space where you will not be distracted. Turn off your notifications and switch your device to “do not disturb” if possible. For sessions where you may receive reiki, you may wish to lie down during the transmission of healing so make sure you and your space are comfortable. Do have with you a glass of clean water and if you wish, a notebook in case you want to take down some notes or journal after your session. The healing works best when you quiet the thinking mind and surrender to the process, so leave as much “at the door” as possible, as if you are entering a physical clinic space.

May your healing be perfect and divine.

“I have been going to Katie for all my holistic well being needs for years. Everything from dreamy guided meditations, to full moon healings, reiki and my favourite and most frequently booked modality with her being kinesiology.

Over the years I believe that with my desire for change and growth and Katie’s capabilities, expertise, tools and guidance, I feel that it has transformed my life in hugely positive ways.

I recently left Australia to move to Europe. Wanting to stay on top of my holistic well being, I searched locally to see if I could find the right fit with no luck.

Although I was initially hesitant (I had a fear of it not being the same as in person) I decided to book in digitally with Katie, after the first session, I couldn’t believe it had taken me so long to book in. The connection was the same, and the insights were of the same quality.

Re-assured that there was no difference in service, I have since recommended Katie to my European friends, who have gone on to also re-book (the biggest testament) and also recommended on.

If you have the opportunity, but like I was, are worried about booking in digitally, I hope my experience can help to give you some insights into what to expect.”

DK, The Netherlands

Cancellation policy

I value your commitment to make change in your life. To honour your process, and those of all my clients, and to ensure I am able to run a sustainable practice, I require at least 24 hours notice for cancellations. A cancellation fee of 50% of your session rate is payable for cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice, and 75% if cancelled on the day of your session.