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Sometimes life challenges can knock you off your centre, making it more difficult for you to bounce back.

When you are in disharmony, you start to feel not quite yourself. You suffer the effects of stress a little more than usual, and you may feel anxious or overwhelmed. Some fall ill, and others keep going.

A gentle dose of reiki can help you activate the healing process.

Reiki taps into universal life force energy, to bring you a deep sense of relaxation and giving you a greater sense of inner peace, serenity and clarity.

Healing can take place on many levels. Emotional healing balances your mind. Physical healing balances your body. Spiritual healing balances your soul.

By rebalancing your energy, you will find it easier to get back on your feet.

A reiki healing can help you:

  • feel calmer
  • have more energy
  • gain clarity
  • overcome limiting beliefs
  • feel more confident
  • feel greater love and compassion
  • understand yourself better
  • smile more

You do not need to feel unwell to receive a reiki healing. Reiki also promotes general wellbeing and encourages self-growth.

reiki healing melbourne

“You are so kind and compassionate and that is the key ingredient with any healing I was having an emotionally and physically draining day and was anxious about getting a good night’s sleep as I struggle with this. In the morning, I knew you have sent me distant reiki because I actually slept, the most solid sleep I had experienced in weeks, despite major events in my life. Reiki has incredible potential to help in a completely natural way”  Kristin, Wellness Practitioner

Ready to find balance?

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Reiki 60-minute session – $130

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Reiki is an ancient healing modality that originated from Japan. It is a sacred practice but does not belong to any organisation, country, religion, culture or people.

It is universal and available to us all.

Reiki is energy. It is the energy that is within us, and around us. It is the energy that makes life, all life. It is life.

This energy is also recognised as qi or chi, prana, mana or vital energy.

Reiki taps into this energy source to help support you in all that you do. It is complementary to other medical or natural treatments. It is intuitive and knows what it is you need most.

Reiki clears stagnant energy and blockages in your energy field, and heals old wounds, which in turn creates significant shifts on all levels.

Reiki is shared and taught in the spirit of love and gratitude. Read more…

Reiki is a gentle healing energy, and can be used anywhere, anytime and on anyone.

Reiki is especially helpful during times of stress. It restores balance on all levels, and clears the way for you to return to optimal wellbeing.

It can defuse anxiety and depressive emotions, strengthen your confidence and sense of self, increase your tolerance and acceptance of others and self.

Reiki principles also encourage self growth and empowerment. It is a way to connect to your true nature. Reiki brings you closer to who you truly are, and how to become all that you can be.

Reiki brings a deeper level of love into your life.

Each session is unique and tailored to what your highest needs are at the time.

After an initial consultation where we discuss where you are at, and what you desire to feel, you will move to the massage table. Lying face up and fully clothed, here you will be able to surrender completely. I will channel and transfer reiki by the gentle placement of hands on or near your chakra energy centres. Working with your higher intelligence, reiki intuitively releases energy blocks and outgrown thought patterns, so you can activate your innate healing powers and create change. Crystals, essential oils, flower essences and oracle cards may also be used to enhance your healing, as intuitively guided.

While real benefits may be seen after a single session, the greatest change comes over a series of sessions. The more we work together, the deeper we go in uncovering the core of the issue, and the more profound the change.

The frequency of your sessions will usually depend on what you are working on. It is common for me to see clients weekly or fortnightly when we first start to work together. As your state of wellbeing changes, you may wish to move onto maintenance sessions every 4 to 6 weeks.

As we are working with energy, reiki can be sent in person, or in a distant healing session. They are equally effective.

A distant healing session is suitable for babies, infants and children who cannot lie still for extended time, for adults who are unable to visit the clinic or if you are interstate or overseas.

You are not required to dial in or connect as the healing will be sent to you remotely and does not require you to be there at the time.

You will receive instructions on how to best receive the healing, and a healing report will be sent to you after your distant session.

No, reiki is currently not covered by any health fund.

Appointment etiquette

Wear comfortable attire, and avoid short skirts and tight clothing for ease of movement. If possible, please also avoid wearing perfume and aftershave. Out of respect for other clients, if you arrive late, your appointment will run for the remainder of your allocated time, and the original appointment fee will be charged.

Cancellation policy

I value your commitment to make change in your life. To honour your process, and those of all my clients, and to ensure I am able to run a sustainable practice, I require at least 24 hours notice for cancellations. A cancellation fee of 50% of your session rate is payable for cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice, and 75% if cancelled on the day of your session.

Ready to find balance?

74 (rear) Victoria Road, Northcote
Remote distance healing are also available

Your investment
Reiki 60-minute session – $130

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