Learn to trust, in yourself, and in life

Learning reiki is not just about learning a healing modality. Everyone benefits from having reiki in their lives, whether you intend to work as a practitioner or not. Reiki is shared and taught in the spirit of love and gratitude. To learn reiki is to learn how to tap into this energy for healing, for growth, for unconditional love.

Reiki leads to a calmer, more centred presence. It helps you move from reactive to creative, from coping to thriving, from chaos to balance. And you begin to have a greater awareness of yourself and your emotions. You learn to trust, in yourself, and in life.

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“A beautiful, nurturing experience. Katie is such a caring, open and inclusive teacher. If you are even a little curious, I highly recommend learning reiki with Katie. I can’t wait to continue my journey with her!” Catherine

Upcoming Reiki Courses Melbourne

Reiki Level 1

You learn to heal yourself, your family and friends. At the first degree, you are attuned to the energy of reiki, and you activate your own innate healing powers. You also begin the process of opening and expanding your heart chakra.

Through this process you are able to release suppressed emotions, correct imbalances, and regain a sense of centredness and clarity.

After completion of Level 1, many people feel calmer, more grounded, greater compassion and less anxiety.

Investment: $330

Venue: Kangaroo Ground Centre, Kangaroo Ground

Next course:

Saturday and Sunday, August 13th and 14th, 2022, 10 am – 5 pm

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Reiki Level 2

The second degree course takes you further along your journey of self-discovery. You will learn three reiki symbols and distant healing. Level 2 helps you to open up your third eye chakra and connect with divine wisdom. You begin to develop your intuition, your ability to see things as they are. And you learn to trust yourself more.

You will feel a heightened awareness of the energy you are working with. After completion of Level 2, you are a qualified reiki practitioner.

Investment: $360

Venue: Kangaroo Ground Centre, Kangaroo Ground

Next course: November 2022

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“Reiki has given me the freedom to be more comfortable with who I am. It has given me the courage to live a life true to me.”

Katie Wong, Reiki Master and Teacher

Reiki Level 3A

Reiki Level 3A was created to help prepare you for mastership, should you choose to continue your journey.

This course will help you deepen your connection with yourself and your higher wisdom. You further explore and awaken more of who you are. You will learn tools to gain more confidence working with reiki and clients.

Two further power reiki symbols will be taught, and you will learn to use them to enhance your healing.

This level of study can bring great personal shifts.

Investment: $395

Next course: 2023

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Reiki for Children

Reiki gives children a way to relax, feel calmer and more empowered, especially during times of stress and challenge. Children learn to experience greater love, empathy and understanding of how they feel and who they are.

Through play and exploration, they learn to access reiki energy for themselves and their loved ones. On a deeper level, reiki helps them increase resilience, strengthen self-esteem and cultivate presence and deeper connections.

Investment: $95

Venue: TBC

Next course: TBC

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Become a Reiki Master

Reiki Mastership is an individual journey of personal and spiritual growth and evolution.

Through one-on-one mentoring and guidance, you are encouraged to fully embrace who you are. It is an intense phase of self development and you will come out the other end feeling more whole.

You are empowered to create the necessary changes in your life to realise your full potential. You embody the teachings of reiki and reiki becomes a way of life.

Upon completion, you will be initiated as a Reiki Master-Teacher, and you will be able to teach all levels of reiki.

Reiki Mastership is run over 6 to 9 months of weekly or fortnightly sessions. Your program is unique to you, and you are completely supported during this time of great transformation.

In our courses, you are gently nurtured in a safe and supported space so you can explore and delve within. The workshops are kept small amongst like-minded souls, and are highly experiential. You undergo initiations at each level, and are fine tuned to the energy of reiki. You become a clear channel and are guided to create your own connection with this ancient, sacred practice.

Katie Wong is a reiki master teacher, accredited by The Australian Reiki Connection.

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Reiki Course FAQs

Reiki is an ancient healing modality that originated from Japan. It is a sacred practice but does not belong to any organisation, country, religion, culture or people.

It is universal and available to us all. Reiki is energy. It is the energy that is within us, and around us. It is the energy that makes life, all life. It is life. This energy is also recognised as qi or chi, prana, mana or vital energy.

Reiki is shared and taught in the spirit of love and gratitude.

To learn reiki is to learn how to tap into this energy for healing, for growth, for unconditional love.

Learning reiki is not just about learning a healing modality. Anyone can benefit from having reiki in their lives.

When you are attuned to the energy of reiki, you are able to use it on yourself in times of stress, or at any other time. You are also able to use it on your family or friends for physical or emotional healing. Babies, children and pets especially love the energy of reiki.

After Reiki Level 1, you may feel:

  • calmer and less anxious
  • more positive and optimistic
  • centred and grounded
  • greater love and compassion
  • deeper understanding of self and others
  • more aligned

Through learning reiki, you create a clear connection with reiki and can access it for self healing and enhanced wellbeing,

The workshops are kept small and intimate, and offer a safe and comfortable learning environment.

In Reiki Level 1, over two days, you learn:

  • the history and lineage of reiki
  • what is reiki and how it works
  • the nature of illness and how we heal
  • flow of energy and the chakra system
  • how to perform a reiki treatment

You will receive hands on practice, energy blessings, and a manual and certificate on completion.

Reiki is shared and taught in the spirit of love and gratitude.

Workshop etiquette

Wear comfortable attire, and avoid short skirts and tight clothing for ease of movement. If possible, please also avoid wearing perfume and aftershave.

Cancellation policy

I value your commitment to make change in your life. To honour your process, and those of all my clients, and to ensure I am able to run a sustainable practice, I require at least 48 hours notice for cancellations. No refund is offered for cancellations made with less than 48 hours notice.

Is it time for a reiki healing? A session with Katie can help support you wherever you are at.

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