light essence roar


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shift to liberate the way you show up in your world

contains frequencies of light, colour, sound and nature encoded in a base of filtered alkaline water and alcohol as a preservative

15 mL

Please note that essences contain alcohol and currently cannot be posted interstate or outside Australia.


5 in stock



This remedy invites you to find freedom beyond the scripts that have shaped you, helping you to find power and grace in your own voice and expression.

It is a process of assimilating to the magnificence of all that you are, through unlearning what you think you know about yourself and what the world expects of you, disconnecting from outdated programming and conditioning and emerge with your unique presence.

This remedy was created to work with the conscious and subconscious bondage that leads to the suppression of the full force of one’s true expression of self, it is infused with encoded light that helps you shed the masks and filters for false nicety and awakens your inner instincts to be.

This remedy will challenge you to move beyond the limitations placed upon you, knowingly or unknowingly, to unbind, to unravel from the expected and move you to your primal unbounded, unguarded state.

Different to a bark, a roar is always purposeful and aligned, honour its sweet potency and savour the exquisite taste of freedom.

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