light essence heart fire


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shift the way you love and are loved

contains frequencies of light, colour, sound and nature encoded in a base of filtered alkaline water and alcohol as a preservative

15 mL

Please note essences contain alcohol and currently cannot be posted interstate or outside Australia.


8 in stock



This remedy invites you to enter into your heart space, helping you to return to the wild and wonderfully rugged landscape of your heart.

It is a process of untaming, of releasing from the conditioned form back into the formless.

Stoking the fire of passion, that is borne from fiercely guarding all that is sacred.

This remedy was created with the energy of creosote, a plant I came to know during my time in the Mojave desert of California in January 2020.

First drawn to this plant for its many medicinal uses, I was opened to its full power when a few of its leaves dropped into my tea during one of my morning strolls.

I felt its essence almost immediately and strongly in my heart space. for a few hours afterwards, I sat with the excavation of emotional wounds held in my heart.

This activation allowed a deep cleansing and created fertile spaces in my heart for new growth. the healing it facilitated was profound and I knew it would be a potent remedy to have in this collection.

The remedy does not contain any plant material, only its vibration which has also been charged by the energy vortex at Joshua Tree.

This remedy is not shy, be prepared to be opened wide!

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