light essence authentic being


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shift the way you see and know yourself

contains frequencies of light, colour, sound and nature encoded in a base of filtered alkaline water and alcohol as a preservative

15 mL

Please note that essences contain alcohol and currently cannot be posted interstate or outside Australia.


7 in stock



This remedy invites you to transform your relationship with yourself, helping you to deepen your love affair with who you were, who you are and who you are becoming.

It is a process of falling into deep intimacy with your self, of releasing your judgement, criticism, shame, guilt, doubt, and fear around who you are, of recognising the miracle that is you.

This remedy was created when I was working with healing the imposter syndrome, using light language to transmit cosmic energy into the essence, infusing activation codes of remembrance.

This remedy will open you to awe of the divine creation that is you.

Dance a slow dance with yourself, learn to respond to your own rhythm and follow the beat of your own heart.

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