autumn equinox gathering | Mar 20th 2021


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when: Saturday March 20th, 6-8 pm

where: 74 Victoria Road, Northcote

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You are invited to an intimate gathering to mark the autumn equinox and the point in our cycle when day equals night, bringing our focus to balance.

No matter where you may be on your own personal cycle, it is an invitation for an honest check in. Is where you are going still where you wish to be heading? Are you in full alignment or is it time to make some adjustments?

The theme of this gathering is rekindle. An invocation to stoke the fires that light you up.

It is a call to prioritise what your heart beats for. The yearnings, and the stirrings that lure you towards a bigger, more expansive way to be.

Together, we make a commitment to ourselves to invest in what brings life more meaning, to nurture again and again what is truly important.

If you feel the call to recalibrate your compass, come join me to reset your true north.

This gathering is a relaxed evening of connection, ceremony and conversation. You will be guided to ignite your inner flame through self inquiry, reflection, intuitive movement, sound healing and meditation.

I will hold space for you and support you as you explore, heal and journey back to your self.

A light supper will be served. You are welcome to bring a light vegetarian dish to share, though this is not required.

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