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Welcome to the Heart of Being podcast!

Here, you’ll find soulful conversations that come straight from the heart.

I share lessons from my own personal experience, as well as stories from other brave hearts. These are people from all walks of life who are carving life on their own terms, those who have made a commitment to themselves, to fiercely follow the call of the wild.

These conversations are open invitations for you to open a dialogue within, or with your own tribe. It is my wish they spark a new perspective, feed the fire within to make change or simply put a smile on your face.

It is my wish they serve to uplift and inspire you to live your life with a little more joy, a whole lot of love, and with greater fulfilment, no matter where you are on your path.

This is the Heart of Being.

Heart of Being Podcast with Emily Dewar: Follow Your Joy

Episode One EMILY DEWAR Follow your joy Emily Dewar is an artist, creator, intuitive, self confessed dream chaser and someone I'm delighted to call a friend. She recalls many defining moments of being broken and challenged by her early years growing up, but these only served as invitations to heal and to find the light. She has risen from a less than forgiving environment by choosing to live life with love and compassion, rather than being held back by circumstances. This conversation will inspire you to choose to live more in flow, by simply following what brings [...]

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