Rest is not a sign of weakness, or laziness. When you are feeling low in energy, or simply desiring doing nothing, you have permission to rest, to be. Slowing down can feel daunting in the beginning, especially if you have been on the go all your life. It takes practice.

We are experiencing major energetic shifts right now that require our bodies to slow down in order to integrate the new vibration. Resting is not an indulgence. It is essential for our evolution.

If you wish to reset your balance between being and doing, relearning your way to achievement and success is necessary and invaluable. Acknowledge what your body needs. And accept that rest and being is part of the equation to create a more sustainable path.

Here are some prompts for self inquiry to help you shift your current barriers to better embrace the state of being:

  • how often do I rest during the waking hours
  • how do I feel when I am doing nothing
  • what am I afraid of if I shift into a state of being
  • in what ways can I benefit from switching off more often
  • what is stopping me from slowing down or resting more

Follow where the line of inquiry leads you until it unlocks for you a new awareness.