vibrational remedy

Let the light show the way
to the pure essence of your being

vibrational remedies hand crafted with love and intention

The making of the light essence collection has been a personal project, a gentle unfolding following the quiet nudges and taking trusting steps in alignment with my higher guidance.

Its creation has been a slow coming together, conceived long before I was consciously aware of it taking its first tentative breathes.

In the magical confluence of many different paths of exploration, now ushering in the birth of these remedies.

The core essence of which is rooted in its vibrational energy.

Each remedy offers a unique journey with plant, light and cosmic frequencies. Your experience will be very much guided by your higher intelligence and what it is you need most for your soul’s evolution..

I have been using vibrational essences as healing tools to support my own journey, as well as those of my clients, for almost a decade now.

I’m excited to offer these remedies for you to be able to support your own processes.

Each remedy will work differently for different people. And each time you work with a particular remedy will be different.

May your healing be perfect and divine

vibrational remedy

vibrational remedy

vibrational remedy light essence range

elderflower remedy

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