Fear is universal.

We have all felt fear.

Whether it is arising from physical danger. Or the equally frightening terror created in our minds.

We all know what fear tastes like.

Your heart is racing, fast enough to almost leap out from your chest. Your mind is racing just as fast, everything seems a blur. Adrenaline coursing through your veins. And you simply succumb to the mercy of your basic survival instincts.

The moment before you step onto a stage to give a presentation, can feel just the same as the moment before you take leap out of a plane.

Both feel equally threatening.

Fear alerts you to danger.

And you instinctively go into protection mode.

Over identification with your physical self deepens the attachment you have to your fear and the instinctive need to “survive”.

We have placed our sense of “survival” with how well we perform at our jobs, excel in our studies, support our families.

We have gone beyond the basic needs for survival.

And the modern day fear has evolved past being a warning signal.

What you fear today is unlikely to be a real threat to your life.

What you fear today is more likely something you actually want and desire.

Esther Hicks describes fear as a signal that your thoughts are out of sync with who you have become. The vibration of your thoughts no longer matching that of the reality you have created or are creating.

When you choose to walk the spiritual path, there is uncertainty that comes with it.

As you evolve, you shed old ways to make way for the new.

And the “old self” can feel threatened, because that part of you is ceasing to exist. In an effort to protect itself, it creates doubt in you. You question. You worry.

You over-analyse the situation to ensure you are brought back into “safety”.

You think. Instead of leaping.

Your mind starts to override your heart.

The truth is, taking a leap makes no sense.

Your mind will not be able to resolve it.

The nature of leaping is that you will feel uncomfortable.

In the expanse of the unknown, when you are unsure of what it holds for you, it is only natural to fear it.

I believe ultimately this fear comes from our disconnection with ourselves. And with the Universe at large.

After all, how do we trust in something we cannot see?

But your fear is not you. It is merely a voice.

Your fear is telling you, “hey, you are stepping outside your comfort zone, you are moving beyond where you are able to stay in control”.

So next time you feel that fear, dialogue with it and respond with “hey back, I know and I’m ready to see what’s on the other side!”

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