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Create change through clarity and commitment

with holistic kinesiology in Northcote, Melbourne or remotely online

Do you know what it is you want to achieve?

Perhaps you know you want to move forward and are not sure how or where towards. It does not matter. Knowing you are ready for change and are committed to making change is enough. Get started with kinesiology.

In our sessions, we work together to first uncover what it is you want to achieve. Your goals can be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Or you may just be on a journey of self-discovery.

Getting to the heart and soul of the matter can be powerfully transformational. Releasing long-held limiting beliefs and resistance to change can help you restore balance, step forward with clarity and vitality, and free you to achieve your goals.

How does Kinesiology work?

Kinesiology is a holistic natural health practice. It has evolved from Traditional Chinese Medicine, and was originally developed by chiropractors and medical doctors. This energetic modality is based on the premise that your body has the intelligence to heal itself. This is best demonstrated by your capacity to repair broken bones and fight illnesses. Watch how your body heals a cut or graze, and you will get a glimpse of this.

We use muscle testing as a tool to access accurate information from your subconscious. Our physical balance is a true reflection of our inner balance, and vice versa. We are then able to pinpoint exactly where imbalances are held, and what needs to be released. Read more…

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“You are fantastic! Truly kind and passionate about what you do. I felt so much baggage disappear and you allowed new positive thinking to take its place. Thank you for guiding me in a new direction.” Bernadine, nurse

Your commitment to positive change is the most powerful tool.

Find out if I can help you with kinesiology to achieve your personal breakthrough.

74 (rear) Victoria Road, Northcote
Remote consultations are also available via secured online platform 

Your investment
Kinesiology 60-minute session – $ 165

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Each session is unique and tailored to what your highest needs are at the time.

After an initial consultation where we discuss where you are at, and what you desire to feel, you will move to the massage table. Lying face up and fully clothed, I will use muscle testing to assess what is needing your attention in line with your healing intention. Together we work through to the core of what you are facing before I use various energetic techniques to help you resolve any blocks and restore balance.

While real benefits may be seen after a single session, from personal experience and working with clients on a variety of goals, the greatest change comes over a series of sessions. The more we work together, the deeper we go, and the more profound the changes.

The frequency of your sessions will usually depend on what you are working on. It is common for me to see clients weekly or fortnightly when we first start to work together. As your state of wellbeing changes, you may wish to move onto maintenance sessions every 4 to 6 weeks.

Your muscle function is able to give us precise information about the inner workings of your mind (and it doesn’t lie!). A kinesiologist will use gentle manual testing of specific muscles to bring to your conscious awareness key areas that you can focus on, and help you release and let go of what you no longer need to hold onto.

As we are working with energy, healing can be facilitated in person, or virtually via phone or internet. They are equally effective.

An online consultation is suitable if you are unable to visit the clinic or if you are interstate or overseas.

After you register for an online consultation and we confirm a suitable session time, we will connect via an online meeting platform. Ensure you have set aside the allocated session time and minimise any distractions during this time. The session will run as if you are in the same room.

I am registered with most major health funds* for my kinesiology services. Rebates will vary depending on your health fund and the level of cover. Please contact your health fund to determine your eligibility for a rebate. Please note that rebates are only available for in-person sessions.

* eligible health funds include:

Medibank Private, Australian Unity, BUPA, HCF, GU Health (corporate), AHM, Credit Health Fund/CUA Health, CBHS, Health Partners, Health Care Insurance Ltd, Reserve Bank Health Society, Teachers Federation Health Ltd, Transport Health

Appointment etiquette

Wear comfortable attire, and avoid short skirts and tight clothing as your session may involve the testing of muscle function. If possible, please also avoid wearing perfume and aftershave.

Out of respect for other clients, if you arrive late, your appointment will run for the remainder of your allocated time, and the original appointment fee will be charged.

Cancellation policy

I value your commitment to make change in your life. To honour your process, and those of all my clients, and to ensure I am able to run a sustainable practice, I require at least 24 hours notice for cancellations. A cancellation fee of 50% of your session rate is payable for cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice, and 75% if cancelled on the day of your session.

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74 Victoria Road, Northcote

Remote consultations are also available via secured online platform

Your investment
Kinesiology 60-minute session – $ 165

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