Group Full Moon Healing

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full moon healing meditation

Follow the cycles of the moon,
and harness its powerful energy

with guided healing meditation with Katie

Do you feel an intimate connection with our closest celestial companion? Perhaps you imagine it casting its magic over you in the deep quiet of the night. Or you’ve notice changes within you, in step with the moon waxing and waning through its monthly cycle.

The beauty of the moon at all its phases is awe inspiring. When it reaches its fullness, its energy is magnified. And it radiates powerful feminine lunar energy, creating the perfect time for you to release and heal.

Connect with yourself, and to the energy around you.

When you move in harmony with the cycles of nature, you become more aware of your own rhythms. This awareness brings greater understanding as you navigate the ups and downs along your path with more ease and grace.

full moon healing meditation

Each month at the full moon, Katie hosts a virtual gathering.

You can join in from anywhere in the world, from the comfort of your home.

We begin with a relaxed discussion about the energy at play and healing aspects of the particular moon, followed by a guided meditation to facilitate healing and transformation.

It is a beautiful, warm and nurturing way to honour the full moon and create time and space for your own self discovery and growth.

The next full moon meditation is on at:

Tuesday September 25, 2018 | 7.30 – 8.30 pm AEST

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“Katie holds space for us to explore our inner selves at our own pace. I feel that the monthly healings really encourage my personal growth and development. I would recommend the subscription to anyone seeking connection and support on their spiritual journey.”  ~ Lynn H