Expand your heart, expand your life

A spiritual journey is one that leads you to your true essence. And the core purpose of all our programs and events is to support you on this journey.

In moving towards a more well lived life, you begin with gaining a better understanding of yourself, and discovering the truth beyond the illusions.

I am where I am today through undertaking my own journey. A journey that began with a yearning for something more. A journey that revealed a self I had disconnected from, a self I had ignored and locked away. It was, and is still, a journey that takes me back to who I am.

Our bespoke programs and events are designed to inspire and prompt you to look within. They move you towards acceptance and growth. They gently support your journey back to yourself.

What you learn will be more than ancient philosophies and intellectual principles. You will be guided to immerse yourself in reflection and activities that will further you along on your path. You will be supported to heal all that is preventing you from becoming who you are.

You will not be standing outside looking in, you will be diving within. As deeply as you are ready. These guided journeys are experiential and they will awaken your heart. They require your commitment to be open and to “do the work”. They move you from understanding to truly knowing.

We hold both online and in-person programs and events. With both delivery formats, you will feel equally supported and held for healing and personal transformation.

Upcoming spiritual programs and events