Lean into your overwhelm

We are surrounded right now by so much information coming at us from all angels. This surge of data serves to inform, distract, provoke, inspire or divide. And if you are feeling overwhelmed, then it may be time to walk away. Or take this opportunity to delve within.

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Slowing down time

We're living in a world that is moving at a super fast pace. How many of you have thought, or heard someone else utter their surprise, that it's almost September. Almost three-quarters of the year have passed. Where did it go? Some say that the Universe is speeding up. And everything is indeed happening faster than ever [...]

2019-10-20T22:34:26+00:00By |Self empowerment|

Let your fear move you forward

Fear is universal. We have all felt fear. Whether it is arising from physical danger. Or the equally frightening terror created in our minds. We all know what fear tastes like. Your heart is racing, fast enough to almost leap out from your chest. Your mind is racing just as fast, everything seems a blur. Adrenaline coursing [...]

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