let work flow with ease

We have been conditioned to work hard in order to yield results. Programmed to put in the hard yards in order to get somewhere. We're told to hustle. Do more. And sometimes this can be counter-intuitive. Pushing harder leaves you feeling frustrated, exhausted and disillusioned at times. Instead, what if we were to surrender. To let [...]

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permission to rest

Rest is not a sign of weakness, or laziness. When you are feeling low in energy, or simply desiring doing nothing, you have permission to rest, to be. Slowing down can feel daunting in the beginning, especially if you have been on the go all your life. It takes practice. We are experiencing major energetic shifts [...]

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body love

Your body and the food you consume hold a frequency that is neither good nor bad. It is your judgement, based on your current set of beliefs, that puts a label on it which determines your relationship with it and ultimately your experience. Shifting to a space of non-judgement means you can approach your body and [...]

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What to expect with mercury retrograde

I've seen quite a number of warnings out there about mercury retrograde and the impending doom that will ensue. Computers will crash. Contracts signed will be reneged on. Travel plans will be disrupted. And if we're not careful, the sky may just fall down on us. Mercury moves into retrograde about 3 times a year. Now is [...]

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