Slowing down time

We're living in a world that is moving at a super fast pace. How many of you have thought, or heard someone else utter their surprise, that it's almost September. Almost three-quarters of the year have passed. Where did it go? Some say that the Universe is speeding up. And everything is indeed happening faster than ever before. Yet I can't help but feel this is a matter of perception. After all, time is an illusion. And it can get stretchy. It expands and contracts according to how we interact with it. About five years ago, I realised [...]

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Spiritual inspiration : Rebirth

I opened my eyes and looked around. Everything was fresh, new, and pulsating with life energy. I was a new person, resurrected from the old that seemed to have vanished and died. I was no longer my isolated self. The centre of consciousness was everywhere from the humble dust to the Milky Way. All boundaries were broken.   :: Sri M Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master: a Yogi's autobiography  

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Reiki courses: Start a new chapter in your life

On paper, my life was once almost picture perfect – like an Instagram feed. But…I was unhappy in those quiet moments, when my mind’s chatter of self-doubt would take over. Being unsatisfied and unable to pinpoint the root cause, I started to peel back the layers. And I found someone with a shattered sense of who she was. Frightened and lost. Frustrated and discontent. That was until I found reiki. Reiki taught me to go within, instead of searching outside of myself. And it can do the same for you. If you are on a course of self [...]

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Let your fear move you forward

Fear is universal. We have all felt fear. Whether it is arising from physical danger. Or the equally frightening terror created in our minds. We all know what fear tastes like. Your heart is racing, fast enough to almost leap out from your chest. Your mind is racing just as fast, everything seems a blur. Adrenaline coursing through your veins. And you simply succumb to the mercy of your basic survival instincts. The moment before you step onto a stage to give a presentation, can feel just the same as the moment before you take leap out of [...]

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What is Reiki?

What is Reiki? Reiki is a gentle healing energy, and can be used anywhere, anytime, by anyone. Reiki is energy. It is the energy within us, and around us. It is the energy that makes life, all life. It is life. Reiki opens the hearts and minds of those who connect with it, and can help guide you through difficult times and expand your appreciation of each moment. Reiki is an ancient healing modality that originated from Japan. It is a sacred practice but does not belong to any organisation, country, religion, culture or people. It is Universal [...]

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What is kinesiology?

What is kinesiology? Kinesiology helps us uncover stresses and emotional blocks that are hindering your balance, vitality and ability to move forward. By releasing these challenges, you are able to regain control and function at your best again. We use muscle testing as a tool to access accurate information from your subconscious. Our physical balance is a true reflection of our inner balance, and vice versa. Kinesiology is a holistic natural health practice. It has evolved from Traditional Chinese Medicine, and was originally developed by chiropractors and medical doctors. This energetic modality is based on the premise that [...]

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What can kinesiology help me with?

What can kinesiology help with? Stress affects our wellbeing on all levels. In our modern world, we are faced with all sorts of stressors on a daily basis. Emotional stress. Physical stress. Mental stress. Environmental stress. Chemical stress. Through the foods we eat, air we breath, people we encounter and other work and life demands. Stress can trigger physiological changes, creating disturbed energy flow and imbalances. Over time, this can lead to illnesses and diseases. While we all have the innate intelligence to re-establish balance, and we do this very well,  sometimes we can benefit from a helping [...]

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