full moon reflection, radical new truths

full moon and sun-Pluto conjunction January 17th 2022 freedom in radical new truths  This is an intense transit that has the potential to bring deep healing and transformation, as our mother moon is in Cancer, holding you with care and compassion, blooming opposite father sun as he is activated by Pluto, destroying falsehood and revealing deep, sometimes inconvenient, truths. You may experience the destruction of what you have worked hard to build, that which is not destined to withstand the test of time, it is the falling that precedes the rising of the phoenix. For after it enters into [...]

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effortless doing

she places the arrow into the cradle as delicately as if it were her first born she moves with fluidity and grace as she takes her stance you may be forgiven to think you're watching a dancer move rather than an archer readying herself her every move is precise and considered her eyes softly gazing at the target it's a moving meditation she draws the bow back ever so gracefully on the surface she is still a refinement in beauty and elegance and in the perfect moment not a second sooner she releases the arrow   this is [...]

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rising higher

  We can rise higher, when we let ourselves fall. It is in our falling, that we learn how to get back up. Our imperfections and flaws create the perfect conditions for us to grow deeper roots so we can rise up each time higher than before.

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  As the sun slows to a standstill at this solstice, I invite you to slow down with it. Create a little space to venture inward and be guided on a journey. Let your soul take you where you need to go, and reveal to you what you need to know at this time. This visual meditation is my offering to you, to help you reconnect to the gentle unfolding of who you are.

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the void

Have you ever watched the Sun rise, or the Sun set, and felt the presence of God?   No matter your belief system, you'll likely agree with me that there's something different that permeates the ether at dusk and dawn. An exquisite serenity descends and transcends humanly experiences. For the briefest of moments, you come into contact with Her. Closer and closer you move into Her embrace and hear Her sing your song. Your hearts synchronise, and a luminous space opens up. She has a way of reaching to the depths of you, stirring awake parts of you [...]

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I want to learn to love all the things we have been taught to cast aside Scars and lines that tell stories smooth skin of a babe cannot Wild weeds in the field growing alongside treasured plants with finer names A faded bloom that has lost its intoxicating scent Difficult conversations and inevitable endings Feeling sad and endless flow of tears I want to embrace the old and the worn The beautiful and the ugly To live beyond a curated ideal To touch upon the breadth of existence I want to dance under the blazing sun And the [...]

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emergence of divine self

you may be feeling the discomfort of this transit rising up as inner conflict or mental disharmony despair over the uncertainty of your path forward become aware of the source of what you're processing make a conscious choice to receive less from what's outside of yourself every voice is laced with an agenda set clear boundaries come back to the truth you hold you need not have all the answers ow let your divine self emerge from the unknown your strength of character is revealed during times of darkness   Mercury stations direct in Libra 25º on November 4th [...]

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let work flow with ease

We have been conditioned to work hard in order to yield results. Programmed to put in the hard yards in order to get somewhere. We're told to hustle. Do more. And sometimes this can be counter-intuitive. Pushing harder leaves you feeling frustrated, exhausted and disillusioned at times. Instead, what if we were to surrender. To let work flow through us? Sometimes it is in surrendering that we produce our greatest work.

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