I want to learn to love all the things we have been taught to cast aside Scars and lines that tell stories smooth skin of a babe cannot Wild weeds in the field growing alongside treasured plants with finer names A faded bloom that has lost its intoxicating scent Difficult conversations and inevitable endings Feeling sad and endless flow of tears I want to embrace the old and the worn The beautiful and the ugly To live beyond a curated ideal To touch upon the breadth of existence I want to dance under the blazing sun And the [...]

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emergence of divine self

you may be feeling the discomfort of this transit rising up as inner conflict or mental disharmony despair over the uncertainty of your path forward become aware of the source of what you're processing make a conscious choice to receive less from what's outside of yourself every voice is laced with an agenda set clear boundaries come back to the truth you hold you need not have all the answers ow let your divine self emerge from the unknown your strength of character is revealed during times of darkness   Mercury stations direct in Libra 25º on November 4th [...]

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let work flow with ease

We have been conditioned to work hard in order to yield results. Programmed to put in the hard yards in order to get somewhere. We're told to hustle. Do more. And sometimes this can be counter-intuitive. Pushing harder leaves you feeling frustrated, exhausted and disillusioned at times. Instead, what if we were to surrender. To let work flow through us? Sometimes it is in surrendering that we produce our greatest work.

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permission to rest

Rest is not a sign of weakness, or laziness. When you are feeling low in energy, or simply desiring doing nothing, you have permission to rest, to be. Slowing down can feel daunting in the beginning, especially if you have been on the go all your life. It takes practice. We are experiencing major energetic shifts right now that require our bodies to slow down in order to integrate the new vibration. Resting is not an indulgence. It is essential for our evolution. If you wish to reset your balance between being and doing, relearning your way [...]

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fated new beginnings

we are entering a fated new beginning moving closer to our destined path individually and collectively what do you desire for yourself for others and for the world what do you need to let go of in order to shift your vibration into alignment with what's coming remain aware of your internal state of being stay open to radical new truths emerging

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body love

Your body and the food you consume hold a frequency that is neither good nor bad. It is your judgement, based on your current set of beliefs, that puts a label on it which determines your relationship with it and ultimately your experience. Shifting to a space of non-judgement means you can approach your body and food from a place of empowerment. To make choices that are right for you in a given moment that is not based on conditioning, rather on your personal intuitive needs.

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Lean into your overwhelm

We are surrounded right now by so much information coming at us from all angels. This surge of data serves to inform, distract, provoke, inspire or divide. And if you are feeling overwhelmed, then it may be time to walk away. Or take this opportunity to delve within.

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Return to the beginning

Have you danced wildly under the moon beams lately? You are invited to return to the very beginning. When you knew not of what you know now. Returning to your natural state. Stripping away all the conditioned programs. Returning to the formless void. Surrendering deeply with abandon. Returning to the place beyond time and space. From where all of life springs forth. Returning home, my moon child. Returning to your wildish nature.

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