Hello you radiant soul

Are you ready to embrace living each day more joyfully and with more purpose?

Most of us have all that we want or need, in the material sense. Yet sometimes we feel like there is something missing on a deeper level.

Are you dreaming of having more satisfaction in life and work? Do you want to achieve more in all areas of your life? Would you like to be more confident, abundant or fulfilled? Are you looking for balance and vitality?

radiant ~ shinning in health, joy and happiness ~ glowing brightly

aura ~ the essence of a person

My dream for radiant aura is to help people shine. I integrate my knowledge in wellness principles with holistic practices to help you bring about positive changes, so you can let your best self shine.

I am truly blessed to be doing what I love everyday, and I want you to be too.


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Here, you can find articles and resources to help you live more joyfully and fully. I publish weekly on my blog, and you can sign up to receive regular email updates or stay connected on social media. I invite you to head to the library and join in the conversation.

For something more experiential, I run wellness programs and meditation groups. In these group sessions, you can explore and evolve your journey with like-minded souls.

If you are looking for more focused attention, I would love to work with you one-on-one. While we all face similar challenges, we have different experiences and a unique history that shape the way we deal with them. So your sessions will be tailored to your individual needs.

I can support you to make real, lasting changes, using kinesiology to help you understand the core of the issues that are holding you back, allowing you to regain balance. To complement this, reiki can help you align your goals to your higher purpose, and to help make shifts to support you energetically.

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I would love for you to stay around and explore this online space. It is my heartfelt wish you find the inspiration to create and live a life you love.



believe you can soar beyond the limits of your mind


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